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How To Prepare For Commercial Or Residential Re-Roofing.

If you are planning to have Goode Brothers reroof your property, there are some preparation that should be done before we arrive. Preparing for our roofers can save time and avoid potential damage to items that are on and around your property. Here is some pointers to help you help us make this a smooth running job.

Notify us before hand if you need assistance with any of the following preparation work.

Move cars, bikes, etc. from inside the garage. The dumpster or roofing materials will block access to items that you may need.

Take down flags, wind chimes, and other exterior home decorations.

Protect outdoor lighting, water features, yard art, bird houses, etc. from falling roof debris that could damage these items.

Move potted plants, cover flower beds and delicate landscaping to keep roofing debris out of these areas.

Mark sprinkler heads with orange tape or flags so that roofers don't trip over them or damage your sprinkler system. Visibility benefits everyone.

We do not remove solar panels. Contact your solar provider to removed and reinstalled panels. 

If you have a satellite dish, we can do our best to reset it but you may have to contact your satellite company to fine tune it. 

Mark especially delicate or expensive landscaping and notify roofers to take extra care around these areas.

Exterior Preparation Recomendations For Re-Roofing:

Mow the lawn. This increases visibility of roofing debris that falls in your yard and makes for a more thorough cleanup from roofers.

Move patio furniture, barbecue grills, and children's toys away from the roof perimeter.

We are not responsible for improperly installed plumbing & AC lines installed in the attic. Damage is rare but can occur.

Interior Preparation Recomendations For Re-Roofing:

Remove or secure TVs, mirrors, china cabinets, artwork, and other valuables attached to walls

Plan ahead for loud noises

Keep any and all pets indoors. Or, if necessary, move pets and/or family to a pre-arranged location.

Temporarily move and/or cover valuable items stored in the attic or top floor bedrooms.

All of these tasks are an important part of a successful commercial or residential re-roofing job because we all know that preparation is the first and foremost goal of any job.

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